Hi, I’m Krystel Romero

I help experts create a fulfilling business and live a great life.


Not Just Any Kind Of Business…

A business that allows you to live healthier, become wealthier, and create a more fulfilling, joyful and purposeful life.

So you can help others do the same.

I’m passionate about helping experts, thought leaders, authors, coaches and anyone who is driven by a desire to serve humanity, deliver a meaningful message and make a difference in the world.

My Story

How I Got Started

In 2016 I decided to quit my job as a Project Manager, leave my corporate career behind and venture into the online marketing world to start my own business.

I wanted to take control of my financial future in a way that allowed me to take care of the people I love, improve my health and build a wonderful future.

Things were not easy…

I had no income, a 6-year old son, a newborn baby girl and absolutely no idea how to turn my life around and make a difference in the world.

My Life Has Changed Beyond Belief

I learned the strategies for building an impactful online business & how to turn passion, expertise and knowledge into a fulfilling and meaningful business. I discovered my inner power and learned how to leverage my creative genius. I found the love of my life, Jeremy Bellotti, with whom I now have the privilege to work with in a united purpose.


My life has changed beyond belief.

I’m confident I can help you do the same.


What We Offer


This program is designed for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to produce extraordinary results, build a balanced lifestyle, and gain certainty & conviction while avoiding the cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion.


Our premium coaching program that helps you Transforming your expertise into a highly profitable online coaching business. Learn how to make a meaningful impact while scaling a business that matters.


A 4-month certification program to help you develop mastery coaching skills & gain the confidence to position yourself as the premium standard of the coaching industry by becoming a Certified Mastery Coach®.

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